27 November 2017

While we might be used to reading op-eds by Canadian scholars and seeing academics interviewed on TV, institutional support for researchers’ public engagement is not a given. Policy Options editor-in-chief Jennifer Ditchburn reflects on a workshop led by Foundation scholars and fellows on the topic.

Despite the fact that university presidents and the people who run university communication departments are only too happy to have their scholars out building a profile, the academic system is not set up to help them connect with the public. Writing a piece for Maclean’s or appearing on CBC’s The National doesn’t count toward tenure or get you a promotion: publish or perish is about peer-reviewed journals and books.”

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Constance Backhouse

Prof. Backhouse is an internationally recognized voice in the areas of feminist research, sex discrimination, and the legal history of gender and race in Canada.

2006 Fellows

Karen Bakker

Professor Karen Bakker and a Community-Based Research collective of Indigenous knowledge keepers, community partners, scholars and artists are collaborating on applied research on sustainable water governance and Indigenous law.

2017 Fellows

Jocelyn Downie

Professor Jocelyn Downie is an expert on the protection of human participants in research, end of life law and policy, and the protection and promotion of women’s health.

2015 Fellows