21 June 2013

In June 2013, the Foundation inaugurated its partnership with Goodenough College of London, the United Kingdom. Goodenough College is London’s leading residential college for international postgraduates. It provides accommodation in the heart of Bloomsbury for 700 students from all over the world; 20% of students come with their families. Selection is based not only on applicants’ academic prowess but also on their commitment and enthusiasm to contribute to the life of this unique academic community and, later, to their home countries. Goodenough College has enduring ties with Commonwealth countries and Canada in particular: Canadians annually comprise the largest national cohort, with around 10% of the College’s membership. Learn more at www.goodenough.ac.uk.

Under the terms of the partnership, members of the Trudeau community have privileged access to Goodenough’s dynamic community and its residential facilities. Trudeau scholars, fellows, and other members of the Trudeau community who are looking for accommodation and a community experience during their extended stay in London benefit from a simplified application process and are automatically given membership status in the College. This gives them access to affordable living space in the heart of Bloomsbury, London, near a core of London’s educational institutions. Just as importantly, they are integrated into an international community of stellar scholars from around the world, all of whom have been selected in part for their commitment to building a congenial society at Goodenough.  As members of the college, they receive regular invitations to stimulating events around the city, such as Chatham House lectures, museum tours, and online BBC debates.

Members of the Trudeau community who are in London for shorter stays are offered reduced rates at the Goodenough Club (the college’s hotel) or the possibility to occupy vacant student quarters, if available. Goodenough also hosts a small number of sabbatical flats. In exceptional cases, for visitors on a budget, the college facilitates the sub-let of occupied quarters for three nights or more.

The Foundation reciprocates Goodenough’s hospitality by offering Goodenough members an open invitation to its public activities and by facilitating requests for networking and collaboration. Goodenough College has the possibility of nominating Trudeau scholars, and the London Goodenough Association of Canada is invited to propose candidates for a Trudeau fellowship or a Trudeau mentorship.

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