6 March 2014

Trudeau fellows Catherine Dauvergne, Joseph Heath, and Daniel Weinstock have joined two other collaborators in launching induecourse.ca, a new blog on Canadian public affairs. Abuses by the Canadian Border Services Agency and the strange link between political donations and the ban on incandescent lightbulbs are just two of the subjects that the inaugural edition has put under the microscope. 


Catherine Dauvergne

One of Canada’s foremost authorities on refugee and immigration law, Professor Dauvergne is committed to transforming how Canada and other countries deal with refugees in a perspective of global justice.

2012 Fellows

Joseph Heath

A renowned philosopher with an acute capacity to debunk widespread ideas on environmental, economical, social, and political issues, the scholarly and mainstream works of Professor Heath engage Canadians to ask fundamental questions about our society and how to make it more just.

2012 Fellows

Daniel Weinstock

A world-renowned philosopher, Weinstock's work deals with democratic theory and the impact of the recognition of cultural identity on liberal thought.

2004 Fellows