5 February 2018

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation would like to inform the community that the Foundation has begun to search for its next president and chief executive officer.

The Foundation would like to thank Morris Rosenberg, who has served as president and CEO since August 2014. During his tenure, Morris drew on his extensive public-sector expertise to lead the Foundation in making the research it supports accessible outside of the academy where it can make a real difference to the life of Canadians. Morris was instrumental in working with researchers, policymakers, and citizens to intensify public engagement with the Foundation and to increase the impact of the Foundation’s community. He will complete his term in 2018 and will continue to serve as an invaluable resource to the Foundation during its transition to new leadership.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is partnering with executive search firm Perrett Laver on this search. For any questions, please contact Ainsley Brown at ainsley.brown@perrettlaver.com.