25 June 2013

2011 Trudeau mentor Rita Deverell is the principal investigator and project director of Women, Contemporary Aboriginal Issues, and Resistance, a free interactive curriculum on what it is like to grown up Aboriginal in Canada, launched at Mount Saint Vincent University in June 2013 and now available online. 

Designed to strip away the fears and stigmas that keep people from speaking openly about Aboriginal issues, the program will be shared at no cost with provincial high school authorities, libraries, university level faculties of Education and Aboriginal studies.

While the free interactive program can be of tremendous value as a complement to school curriculum, creators hope it will engage Canadians beyond traditional learning environments. The program is composed of three booklets and a video of 83 minutes. 

To download the program online...>

Rita Deverell

Rita Deverell was the 12th holder of Nancy's Chair in Women's Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. A theatre artist and an independent television producer/director, she is also a founder of Vision TV.

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