25 November 2012

Passionate about their opinions and ideas, the Trudeau scholars are often writing texts published in different media. Several scholars have seen their comments published on the Web, while others have had their work featured as articles. It is the case for Sara Angel, Matthew Gordner, Xavier Gravend-Tirole, Michael Pal, Rosalind Raddatz and Carla Suarez.

Here are the links to access to every articles and op-eds:

- “Tweet If You Love Monet - New technologies are taking art directly to the people, forcing galleries and museums to adapt” is an article about the research of 2012 Trudeau scholar Sara Angel published in U of T Magazine.

- “Whither Post-Revolutionary Egypt? Democratic Trust, (Un)Democratic (Im)Patience, and a Search for the Common Good” is an op-ed written by 2012 Trudeau scholar Matthew Gordner and published on the website freedomwriters.ca.

- “Noël en quête de sens” is an article about 2008 Trudeau scholar Xavier Gravend-Tirole published in the magazine Châtelaine.

- “Ford victim of a sledgehammer law ill suited to knuckle-rap offences” is an op-ed written by 2012 Trudeau scholar Michael Pal and published in The Globe and Mail.

- “Sparkle and Splinters” is an op-ed written by 2010 Trudeau scholar Rosalind Raddatz and published on the website of the Canadian International Council.

- “Surviving Violence – Civilian Protection in Armed Conflict” is a text co-written by 2012 Trudeau scholar Carla Suarez and published on the website of the Canadian International Council as a special issue from “Surviving Violence: Comparative Perspectives”, an international workshop Carla co-hosted at the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University.

Rosalind Raddatz

Director of the Office of the Provost, Assistant Professor of Politics in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Aga Khan University.

2010 Scholars

Sara Angel

She is examining how Nazi-era restitution can shape a more enlightened approach to museum displays of visual culture and a more equitable approach to the discipline of art history

2012 Scholars

Xavier Gravend-Tirole

Xavier studies how a new interfaith framework could fruitfully address issues related to identity, relationships with others and religious pluralism.

2008 Scholars

Matthew Gordner

He is studying youth empowerment and the politics of authoritarianism and democratization in Tunisia.

2012 Scholars

Michael Pal

Michael is Assistant Professor in Law at the University of Ottawa.

2012 Scholars

Carla Suarez

She is interested in civilian agency under rebel governance, with a focus on the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

2012 Scholars