2 August 2012

2011 Trudeau mentor George Anderson edited two books that were published in June 2012. The first book-lenght work of its kind, Oil & Gas in Federal Systems explores the enormous role that Canada and other federations will play in determining how the twenty-first century unfolds, by the way they manage large reserves of oil and gas. In the book, twenty-four respected scholars of petroleum policy and federal systems analyze oil and gas management and revenue regimes in a dozen federations: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, the United States and Venezuela.

Many large federal and multi-level systems have created integrated internal markets capable of generating higher levels of economic growth and prosperity. Mr. Anderson's second publication, Internal Markets and Multi-level Governance, is the first broad comparative study of how these internal markets have been managed. A team of leading experts on the politics and economics of federal systems analyzes the situation in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Switzerland, and the United States, making comparisons, drawing conclusions, and highlighting potential lessons for policymakers.

Both books are available on the website of the Oxford University Press and on Amazon.

Oil & Gas in Federal Systems on OUP and Amazon

Internal Markets and Multi-level Governance on OUP and Amazon

George R. M. Anderson

A senior mediation expert with the United Nations' Mediation Support Unit, George Anderson was the president and CEO of the Forum of Federations and served in Canada's federal public service for over thirty years.

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