3 September 2013

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation would like to welcome Mr. Tim Brodhead, new interim president and chief executive officer as of 17 September 2013. “Mr. Brodhead is an experienced visionary leader with a wealth of experience in foundation management and governance, which will be invaluable to guiding the Foundation in the implementation of its strategic plan”, says Mr. John H. McCall MacBain, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Mr. Brodhead holds the position Mr. Pierre-Gerlier Forest has held for seven years. PG Forest has now accepted a position as director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Health and Social Policy at the Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Board of Directors will be reviewing shortly options for the permanent leadership of the Foundation. Mr. Brodhead has agreed to fill the position of interim president and chief executive officer until a permanent replacement is selected. “I am profoundly happy to take on a more dynamic role in the Trudeau Foundation, an organization I strongly believe in and which has a unique role to play in Canada’s knowledge production and dissemination landscape,” said Mr. Brodhead.

Mr. Brodhead previously served as president and CEO of the J. W. McConnell Family Foundation from 1995-2011. Prior to that, Mr. Brodhead spent many years in the field of international development, working in Africa, South Asia, and Canada.

Tim Brodhead

Throughout his career in the non-governmental sector, Tim Brodhead played a leadership role to support justice and social change initiatives in Canada and the Global South.

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