2 July 2013

Four members of the Trudeau Community and two speakers of the 2013 Trudeau Foundation Summer Institute have recently been appointed to the Order of Canada. Trudeau mentor Françoise Bertrand and The Honorable Alexander B. Campbell are now Officers; Ms. Nathalie Des Rosiers and Trudeau mentors Larry Murray, Monica Patten and Jodi White are now Members. 

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Françoise Bertrand

Ms. Bertrand heads the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ) and has more than thirty years of experience as a senior manager of major organizations.

2013 Mentors

Larry Murray

He has held a number of senior positions in the Canadian Forces and Public Service, such as former Commander of the First Canadian Destroyer Squadron, Acting Chief of Defence Staff, and former Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs.

2008 Mentors

Monica Patten

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Community Foundations of Canada, she serves as an advisor to many Canadian non-profit and philanthropic programs.

2008 Mentors

Jodi White

Former President of the Public Policy Forum. Her leadership experience extends to journalism, politics, government, business and international affairs. She is active on the boards of a range of institutions and organizations involved in academics, ar

2010 Mentors