2 February 2012

« Lettres à Kateri », a novel written by 2008 Trudeau Scholar Xavier Gravend-Tirole, is available since a few weeks. This book is a correspondence between a narrator, who is a believer, and his ex-girlfriend, who is atheist. Through their discussion, he tries to convince her about his belief on a modern religion based on love, liberty and openness to others. An article about the novel was recently published in Le Soleil. Besides, Xavier Gravend-Tirole will also be invited soon to Second regard, a TV show hosted by Mr. Alain Crevier. In the meantime, you can read Mr. Crevier's blog about this subject.

Xavier Gravend-Tirole

Xavier studies how a new interfaith framework could fruitfully address issues related to identity, relationships with others and religious pluralism.

2008 Scholars