10 October 2012

2008 Trudeau mentor Robert Fowler will give a lecture entitled "Sleeping with Al-Qaeda" on 11 October 2012 at 7 p.m. at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. Mr. Fowler is a former foreign policy advisor and Canadian ambassador to the United Nations. He has also been a special envoy of the secretary general of the United Nations. While acquitting his UN mission, Mr. Fowler and his colleague, Louis Guay, were captured by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb on 14 December 2008. The two were held hostage in the Sahara Desert for 130 days.

Robert Fowler

A foreign policy advisor to prime ministers Trudeau, Turner and Mulroney, Fowler was Canada’s longest-serving ambassador to the United Nations.

2008 Mentors

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