10 November 2016

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is a learning organization interested in innovative models of research and collaboration. That's why Tammara Soma, 2014 scholar, Morris Rosenberg, the Foundation president and chief executive officer, and Gina Beltran, leadership and public interaction program officer, travelled to Vancouver on 18-22 October 2016, to attend the LabWISE training workshop organized by The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation in association with the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience.

The workshop was intended to equip participants with tools and knowledge about social innovation labs: an interdisciplinary method designed to tackle complex issues through the convening of stakeholders from different sectors. The purpose is to create a collective space of work and collaboration that can produce feasible alternatives to alleviate the issue at hand. This methodology is thoroughly explained and detailed in the Social Innovation Lab Guide.

The LabWISE training workshop attracted 15 teams and over 50 participants from across the country. Ranging from Alberta Ecotrust to The National School of Theatre of Canada to various colleges and universities, teams brought to the table complex questions on climate change, citizenship, and Indigenous perspectives in relation to higher-education, among others.

The objectives of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation team were twofold. First, the team focused on the targeted-area-of-inquiry project of Tammara Soma, titled Food Systems Lab. Tammara is launching a lab to discuss and propose recommendations to reduce food waste in Toronto. Participating in the training workshop further prepared Tammara in the organization of her lab’s initial workshop, which will take place in Toronto on 24-25 November 2016. Second, the team learnt about social innovation labs to consider how this methodology may be implemented to develop current and future targeted-area-of-inquiry projects.

For more information on the LabWISE training workshop, please contact Gina Beltran at gbeltran@trudeaufoundation.ca

Gina Beltrán

Program Officer, Leadership and Public Interaction – on parental leave

2016 Team

Morris Rosenberg

2005 mentor, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation (2014 to 2018)

2005 Mentors

Tammara Soma

Tammara is studying the factors that influence food consumption and food wasting in urban Indonesia and ways to end the dumping of food waste in landfills.

2014 Scholars