17 October 2012

Four members of the Trudeau community have recently been interviewed by various media outlets. 2012 Trudeau scholars Carla Suarez and Michael Pal, 2010 Visiting Trudeau fellow Steven Loft, and 2004 Trudeau scholar Robert Huish have discussed their current projects or subjects related to their research.

On 28-29 September 2012, Carla Suarez, 2012 Trudeau Scholar, co-hosted an international workshop at the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, Dalhousie University on “Surviving Violence: Comparative Perspectives.” The goal of this workshop was to build a cross regional and thematic understanding of the modes of civilian protection and survival in situations of violent conflict and their aftermath. Bringing together scholars, practitioners and survivors of armed conflict, the workshop reviewed competing theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches to the study of civilian protection, with particular emphasis on the relationship between local and international efforts. An evening reception was also held featuring an art exhibition, spoken word performance, poetry reading, and presentations about the role of the arts in fostering resistance during mass violence. The public event attracted over 90 people, including students, activists and artists from Halifax and abroad, and an article about it was published in the Dal News.

In conjunction with this event, CBC broadcasted an interview with a survivor of a Ugandan rebel army and Carla Suarez. This video is available on our YouTube channel. Carla will also be joining the Young Scholar's Network of “Missing Peace Symposium 2012: Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict” in Washington D.C. on 1-3 November 2012.

2012 Trudeau scholar Michael Pal has been interviewed with other experts on television at The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Pal expressed is opinion about redrawing Ontario, as the province is receiving 15 new seats. Questions about the weight of each vote, the representation of each community of interest, urban and rural voters, and division of towns by federal ridings were addressed during the program.

The Globe and Mail has also interviewed 2004 Trudeau scholar Robert Huish, who is currently assistant professor in international development studies at Dalhousie University. A video that illustrates how Huish includes activism in all his course work in order to build communication skills in his students that may result in greater social change is available online. In conjunction with the short documentary, the article “What if creating social change was your school assignment?” has been published in The Globe and Mail.

Finally, 2010 Visiting Trudeau fellow Steven Loft co-curated the “Home On Native Land” art installation at the TIFF Bell Lightbox last summer. The Toronto International Film Festival did an exceptional event in July and August that united their exhibit space and their theatres at the LightBox in an inspiring way to discuss First Peoples’ cinema and indigenous modern art. An interview with Steven Loft about the installation and the event, produced by the TIFF, is online on our YouTube channel.

Carla Suarez

She is interested in civilian agency under rebel governance, with a focus on the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

2012 Scholars

Michael Pal

Michael is Assistant Professor in Law at the University of Ottawa.

2012 Scholars

Robert Huish

Assistant Professor, International Development Studies, Dalhousie University

2004 Scholars

Steven Loft

He addresses issues of cultural identity, human rights, and communication, and provides new perspectives on Indigenous art and cultural discourse.

2010 Fellows