12 August 2013

2012 Trudeau Fellow Janine Marchessault is the Project Lead and Chief Curator of Land|Slide, a monumental one-of-a-kind exhibition taking place at the 25-acre, open-air Markham Museum and Historical Village from 21 September to 14 October 2013. The event will bring together more than 30 acclaimed national and international artists.      

Land|Slide Possible Futures is a groundbreaking large-scale public art exhibition which responds to a world in transition where the past, present and future collide. The landscape of Markham will be transformed by the work of 35 national and international artists to explore themes of multiculturalism, sustainability, and community.

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Janine Marchessault

Through her groundbreaking creative work and research, Professor Marchessault aims to interpret and illustrate the city and its sustainability issues, combining urban planning, public art, and the media.

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