10 May 2017

Late last year, the Canadian Ministers of Health and Justice requested that the Council of Canadian Academies conduct independent reviews on issues related to medically assisted death. To that end, the Council has named an expert panel which will examine three particularly complex cases: requests by mature minors, advance requests, and requests where mental illness is the sole underlying medical condition. The panel will be organized into three working groups and will be chaired by Marie Deschamps, 2015 mentor. Jocelyn Downie, 2015 fellow and expert on medically assisted death, was also appointed to the panel.

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Marie Deschamps

A former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, she enriches the Foundation community with her vast knowledge of the courts and the law in Canada and abroad.

2015 Mentors

Jocelyn Downie

Professor Jocelyn Downie is an expert on the protection of human participants in research, end of life law and policy, and the protection and promotion of women’s health.

2015 Fellows