1 March 2017

2016 Trudeau scholar Antoine Pellerin wears several hats. A lawyer, the holder of an MBA, and a doctoral candidate at Université Laval, Pellerin cofounded the Montréal theatre company ExLibris and has been its executive director since 2013. “The mission of ExLibris is not dissimilar to the mission of the public intellectual,” says Pellerin. “Namely, to think critically about society.” The latest show of the young troupe is showing at Montréal’s Denise Pelletier theatre until Tuesday 14 March. L’enfance de l’art is a tribute to the Quebec comedian and actor Marc Favreau.

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Antoine Pellerin

Antoine Pellerin (law, Université Laval) is interested in the government’s power to contract and is examining the conditions required for this power to be exercised in the public interest.

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