8 October 2013 - 7:30pm to 8 October 2013 - 9:00pm

University of Prince Edward Island, PEI

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Picking Up The Pieces: Seeking Out The Roots Of Violence Against Indigenous Women

University of Prince Edward Island
Don and Marion McDougall Hall, Room 242
550 University Avenue

Maria Campbell has been involved in volunteer work with Aboriginal women and children in crisis since the 1960’s, co-founding a halfway house for women as well as an emergency centre for women and children. In this lecture, Ms. Campbell will talk about the connection between her volunteer work, her work in literature, theatre and video to end violence against women and her current research program as a Trudeau Fellow.

Growing up in a Road Allowance Metis community in northern Saskatchewan, Ms. Campbell was witness to the power that women in her community exercised, as well as the violence they experienced. As a lifelong student of Indigenous oral history, she can also speak to what she has learned of traditional ways that fostered respect and authority for Aboriginal women, and about how colonization disrupted those ways and introduced gendered violence. The intent of Ms. Campbell’s Trudeau Fellowship is to explore archival and secondary source material to support what she knows from lived experienced and oral history about Aboriginal women and the roots of violence. The lecture will cover how she came to look for these “pieces of ourselves left behind” in documentary sources, and how these observations about Aboriginal women from a Euro western lens can be re-visited to assist Aboriginal women today in their activist work.

Maria Campbell

A prominent Métis cultural leader, Ms. Campbell will contribute to innovative research at the new Chair in Métis Studies at the University of Ottawa, aiming to help Canadians better understand Métis society, history, and culture.

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