29 September 2011

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"Beyond the Strategic Silence: Towards the Global Economic Empowerment of Women", by Professor Isabella Bakker (York University), 2009 Trudeau Fellow.

Some 40 years after the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, today in Canada, most of the media, most members of the two major political parties and the current government all seem to agree that Canadian men and women are equal now and much of the focus of government programs is on the plight of women in other parts of the world, particularly those in the Global South.

Isabella Bakker will critically examine these new directions in public policy to pose the question: is feminism still relevant for addressing questions of inequality in Canada? To do so means not only looking at the evidence since 1970 identifying the continuing institutional barriers for realizing
women's economic empowerment, but also critically examining the dominant paradigms of economic policy which embody what Bakker has called "the strategic silence''.

This new paradigm of governance treats economic agents as generic in ways that virtually erase women and gender inequality as the subjects and objects of public policy. And this paradigm has not only influenced essential human rights commitments in the past, but is shaping as well our society's future.

At Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario - Mackenzie Chown Complex
A reception will follow.