25 March 2014 - 5:00pm

Conron Hall, Western University, London, Ontario

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"The Individualization of War: Protection, Liability, and Accountability"
A Trudeau Lecture by Jennifer Welsh, 2006 Trudeau fellow 

This Trudeau lecture contemplated the dramatic ways in which war has changed over the past century, since the start of the First World War in 1914. In particular, it examined how individuals – rather than states – have become central to armed conflict today. The lecture focused on three manifestations of this change: the increased imperative to protect individuals caught up in conflict; the enhanced capacity to target particular individuals in war time; and the growing efforts to hold individuals accountable for crimes committed in the context of war. European University Institute Professor and 2006 Trudeau fellow Jennifer Welsh discussed the positive implications of this move to elevate the role and status of the individual, as well as some of the challenges and dilemmas that accompany this shift.

The event was held on 25 March 2014 in collaboration with the Public Humanities @ Western program.

The lecture can be viewed on youtube.

Jennifer Welsh

Professor Welsh's work focuses on changing conceptions of sovereignty in international relations.

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