8 November 2012 - 7:00pm to 10 November 2012 - 1:00pm

University of Ottawa

The international conference “Environmental Justice and Human Rights: Investigating the Tensions, Exploring the Possibilities” will be held at the University of Ottawa on 8-10 November 2012. Over 25 speakers from four different continents will be discussing current events relating to environmental justice and human rights. 2003 Trudeau scholar Sophie Thériault and 2011 Trudeau scholar Sébastien Jodoin will be among the speakers for this event.

The conference is in conjunction with the launch of two new publications written by Professor David Boyd, 2005 Trudeau scholar. The books are entitled “The Right to a Healthy Environment: Revitalizing Canada’s Constitution” and “The Environmental Rights Revolution: A Global Study of Constitutions, Human Rights, and the Environment.”

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Sophie Thériault

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

2003 Scholars

David R. Boyd

He is an Adjunct Professor of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University and one of Canada’s leading environmental lawyers. David’s current research focuses on the effects of enshrining the constitutional right to live in a healthy environment.

2005 Scholars

Sébastien Jodoin

Sébastien is Assistant Professor at the McGill's Law Faculty.

2011 Scholars