30 May 2017 - 10:30am to 30 May 2017 - 12:00pm

Ryerson University, MAC-Mattamy, Congress Hub, Expo Event Space, Toronto, Ontario

Although academia is sometimes seen as an “ivory tower,” more and more scholars are reaching beyond the walls of their institutions to engage with the public. This Career Corner session, taking place during the Annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, will feature a conversation between scholars from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the UBC Public Scholars Initiative who will explore engaged scholarship as an avenue to expand academic research and establish careers beyond the academy. Attendees will learn how scholars have developed collaborative projects, supported advocacy groups, informed public policy, and participated in broader social conversations. This panel is useful to students seeking to advance their academic and non-academic career through better public engagement.

Speakers: Bailey Gerrits, doctoral candidate and 2015 Trudeau scholar | Candidate au doctorat et boursière Trudeau 2015, Queen’s University; Ashley Whillans, doctoral candidate and PSI scholar | Candidate au doctorat et boursière PSI, The University of British Columbia

This event is being hosted by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and UBC's Public Scholars Initiative.

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Bailey Gerrits

Bailey Gerrits (political studies, Queen’s University) is examining media coverage of domestic violence and the way that Canadian media seem to portray this phenomenon as “un-Canadian.”

2015 Scholars