18 November 2009 to 19 November 2009

Ottawa (ON)

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PIP Event
Organized by Lisa Freeman (2008 Scholar) and Kate Parizeau (2007 Scholar).

Who belongs in the city? How are space and resources claimed in urban environments? How are decisions about the city and its inhabitants made, both within and outside of City Hall? This workshop will encourage participants to question who has rights to the city and to explore the meaning of urban citizenship. Being a citizen in the city is closely tied to governance at the municipal scale, community organizing, and the planned built environment.

The workshop will include critical walking tours of local sites in Ottawa, a film screening, two panel discussions and a scholar's workshop. The proposed panels (entitled: "Who has rights to the City?" and "Exercise your rights to the city") will provide an interactive forum for discussing how cities are governed, who is active in political decision making processes, and how alternative forms of active citizenship are fostered. The subthemes for both panels will include (but are not limited to): civic engagement, active citizenship, creative community building, and sustainable cities (both environmentally and with respect to social equity). Speakers will address issues relating to marginalized communities, decision-making at the municipal scale, creative reclaiming and restructuring of urban built form, and urban activism.

We are inviting people from across Canada to speak on their experiences with migration, homelessness, street involved youth, housing access, racialized populations and urban native communities, among other topics. We plan to touch on a breadth of experiences from Canadian cities both large and small. More information about registration and organizing support will be available shortly.

Location Name Ottawa, National Archives and Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel (ON)
Contact Email lisa.freeman@trudeaufoundation.net