17 April 2012 to 18 April 2012

Ottawa, Ontario

2011 Trudeau Scholar Claris Harbon invites all Trudeau community members to take part in a conference that she is organizing with the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS). Entitled "Checking Our Constitution@30: The Influence of the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights on Legislation, Identities and Federalism", the conference is sponsored by ACS and the University of Ottawa. The idea is to have one or two panels of three to four speakers each--Trudeau scholars, fellows and mentors are all welcome--giving their unique perspective in order to create a multidisciplinary discussion on this vital subject. 

For more details, see http://www.acs-aec.ca/en/events/other-events/checking-our-constitution30-the-influence-of-the-canadian-constitution-the-charter-of-rights-on-legislation-identities-federalism-april-17-18-2012-ottawa-ontario-/

When: April 17-18, 2012
Where: Ottawa, Ontario.
Expenses: The ACS will cover one night at a hotel and will waive the registration fees. Upon approval by Josée Saint-Martin, Program Director - Scholarships at Trudeau Foundation, scholars may fund their travel expenses from their ATA.
How: Please send your abstracts (250-500 words) to Claris Harbon at claris.harbon@mail.mcgill.ca

Please don't hesitate to contact Claris Harbon with any questions.

Claris Harbon

Claris is focusing on how civil disobedience initiated by women can affect legislation

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