18 June 2012 to 20 June 2012

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

This event will bring together storytellers and "research storytellers" from northern communities and from other communities across Canada to explore storytelling as a mode of understanding - one that supplies both rich research material and powerful ways of communicating research. The event aims to foster in-depth exchange between people who have a long experience with different uses and modes of storytelling - Indigenous and non-Indigenous spoken word performers, writers, poets, playwrights, and filmmakers - and scholars who have encountered storytelling in a substantial dimension of their work and have begun to embrace it as part of their teaching practice and research dissemination. 
The question framing the event can be phrased in different ways: How does storytelling as a mode of understanding advance responsible citizenship and our relationship with the natural environment locally, nationally and beyond? What is storytelling's distinctive contribution to relationship building, the foundation of responsible citizenship and environmental awareness? How does storytelling uniquely open up multiple expressions of citizenship in and between our various communities of belonging?

For more information, please contact Andrée Boisselle, 2008 Trudeau scholar.

Event organized by: Trudeau scholars Andrée Boisselle, Julia Christensen, Christopher Cox and Lisa Szabo-Jones.

Other Trudeau community members involved in this workshop:  Trudeau mentors Alanis Obomsawin and Maria Campbell and Trudeau fellow Jeremy Webber.

Andrée Boisselle

Andrée is an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Law at York University and a doctoral candidate at the University of Victoria.

2008 Scholars

Julia Christensen

Assistant professor of geography and planning at Roskilde University in Denmark and a research fellow at the Institute of Circumpolar Health Research in Yellowknife, NWT

2008 Scholars

Christopher Cox

Christopher is providing support for Indigenous language education and revitalization efforts in schools and communities throughout the territory of Yukon.

2009 Scholars

Lisa Szabo-Jones

Lisa wants to use Canadian poetry to cultivate and sustain affiliation and care for the local environment.

2009 Scholars