11 May 2014 - 5:00pm to 16 May 2014 - 5:00pm

Osoyoos, British Columbia

Truth(s), Indigenous People and Public Policy

Welcome to the ninth annual Trudeau Foundation Summer Institute! The Trudeau Foundation Summer Institute offers an exceptional opportunity for collaboration and intense networking among Trudeau scholars, fellows, and mentors. A wealth of experiences, knowledge, and interdisciplinary exchange transforms these three to four days of plenary sessions, seminars, excursions, and informal discussions into much more than a conference. The Trudeau Foundation Summer Institute is the ideal place to find out about research being carried out by Trudeau Foundation community members, to make contact with colleagues in preparation for your own events, or to learn more about other disciplines. The four Foundation themes, which span human rights and dignity to Canada in the world, responsible citizenship, and people in their natural environment, form the Institute's backbone and add an interdisciplinary aspect to the discussions.

This year’s institute will consist of four days of panels, discussion sessions, keynote speeches, and networking around the theme Truth(s), Indigenous Peoples and Public Policy. The Institute will take place in the beautiful winery region of Osoyoos, British Columbia, from Monday 12 May to Friday 16 May. For details, please refer to the program.

The Foundation’s summer institutes are reserved for the members of the Trudeau community, whether active or alumni, and a few invited specialists. Invitations are non-transferable. The deadline to register is 12 April 2014.

Background Materials

Summer Institute registrants may contact Norah Cyprien for a link towards Institute background material.