The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Society

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Society brings together former Trudeau Scholars, Fellows and Mentors who play an active role in public and academic sectors. The Society’s mandate is to foster productive and long-term relationships among all Trudeau community members, contribute to the Trudeau network’s growing momentum and drive reputation as an influential source of innovative ideas.

  • The Society participates in the activities of the Foundation, including the Annual Conference on Public Policy and the Summer Institute;
  • The Society organizes theme-oriented events and content production activities that complement those of the Public Interaction Program;
  • The Society supports the work of the Foundation, for instance by participating in the file review committees at the invitation of the Foundation;
  • The Society promotes the pairing of its members with incoming Scholars, Fellows, and Mentors, respectively, so as to share their experience and best practices;
  • The Society endeavours to promote the public visibility of the Foundation nationally and internationally.


In 2017, the Executive Committee of the Trudeau Society implemented an online “alumni survey” to garner the perspectives of former and current Scholars, Fellows and Mentors on the Society’s roles and functions. On 21 February 2018, the Executive Committee of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Society published its report on the survey. 

The survey was administered in both French and English versions, with a response rate of 12% (N=445). The survey showed that overall attitudes towards the Society were positive.  Key findings suggested that the Society’s two main roles should be to (1) assist alumni in bringing their research to wider public audiences and (2) facilitate communications and social networking among alumni.  Furthermore, nearly three quarters of respondents (72%) reported being “very likely” or “likely” to help coordinate or participate in these activities. 

However, concerns were also raised around the Society’s lack of visibility and transparency.  The Executive Committee is responding by providing updates on its activities through the Foundation’s newsletter and liaising more regularly with alumni and the wider Trudeau community.  It hopes to continue these efforts by providing support for regional groups to launch networking events.

Read the Executive Committee's report to learn more about this.



A number of members of the Foundation community have expressed an interest in regional gatherings. In the directory, you will find a breakdown of members by region and by group.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the Trudeau Society are currently seeking volunteers to join Regional Committees that will help build stronger networks between the current PETF community and alumni, as well as support these networks to engage with wider audiences of policy makers, business and community leaders, and diverse publics. Read the Society's invitation to join its regional committees.

You may communicate by email with members in your region using the standard Trudeau address format ( If you would like to represent your region, please send an email to


All email directed to a Foundation email address is automatically forwarded to the email address given to the Foundation. If you are not receiving Foundation and Society related email at your preferred email address, please contact the Foundation to update your contact information.


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