Our Targeted Areas of Inquiry

Since its beginnings, the Foundation has been inspired by the four themes that guided the life and career of prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Every Trudeau scholar, fellow, and mentor, and all Foundation-supported research, projects, and events, have addressed aspects of these fundamental themes – themes that the Foundation continues to support, and that are as relevant as ever to the complex challenges facing Canada and the world today. 

Can we harness our efforts to multiply our impact? 

A dozen years after its founding, the Foundation felt that it could do more to harness the expertise and the intellect of the scholars, fellows, and mentors working on these themes to address critical issues from an intergenerational, interdisciplinary, and cross-sectoral point of view. 

The Foundation had gathered a critical mass of intelligent and innovative people who cared deeply about the future of our country and the world. What would happen if we invited them to pool their efforts on specific projects in a few targeted areas for three to five years? By working together, might the Foundation community bring strong horsepower to bear on a few tough problems, building literacy and capacity, and making a greater difference? 

Three areas of inquiry 

After consulting its community and other Canadian leaders over several months in 2014 and 2015, the Foundation decided to concentrate a significant portion of its non-grant resources on three areas of inquiry: 

All three of these areas are critical to our collective future. All three are also complex, emerging fields in which the Foundation community has developed considerable expertise. 

For more information about the Foundation’s choice of areas of inquiry, see our frequently asked questions

What form of initiative? 

Trudeau scholars, fellows, and mentors can request Foundation support for any form of project, meeting, or other initiative they consider useful to advance knowledge or solutions in one or more of these three areas of inquiry. See our frequently asked questions for ideas of initiatives to propose. 

We like partners 

The Foundation is one of many institutions working on these three areas of inquiry. The Foundation welcomes opportunities to join forces with other thinkers and organizations. 

Partners from civil society, the private sector, and the and public sector can engage in the Foundation’s areas of inquiry by contributing expertise, co-running a project, hosting an event, disseminating knowledge, sharing their networks, or providing financial support. Potential partners are welcome to contact the Foundation to propose ideas for collaboration. 

Learn more

For more information about the Foundation’s areas of inquiry or to submit a proposal, please visit our frequently asked questions section. If you still have questions, please contact us: 

Gina Beltrán (on leave), Leadership and Public Interaction Program Officer
514-938-0001, extension 222

Jennifer Petrela, Director of Content and Strategic Engagement
514-938-0001, extension 227